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Soundiiz is a versatile and user-friendly online music tool that allows you to effortlessly manage your playlists across various music streaming platforms. With this free playlist manager, you can easily transfer playlists, albums, artists, and tracks from one music app to another, making the process fast and seamless.

Whether you use Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, or YouTube, Soundiiz supports a wide range of popular streaming services. The process of transferring playlists is straightforward, although you will need to sign in to your accounts on each platform to access your playlists. It's important to note that occasionally, certain tracks may not be successfully transferred.

Using Soundiiz is a breeze. Simply connect the music streaming services you want to transfer playlists from and to by providing your login credentials. Once connected, select the playlist you wish to share and click the share icon. Choose the desired destination service and click the Convert button to complete the transfer. You can even synchronize playlists between different platforms or create an online repository for your playlists on Soundiiz.

Soundiiz supports more than 25 music services, allowing you to easily manage your playlists across multiple platforms. However, it does not currently support Google Play Music. While the app generally works well, there may be instances where you need to disconnect and reconnect a music service to ensure a successful transfer. Additionally, some tracks may not transfer due to the destination service not having them in their library.

Overall, Soundiiz is a valuable tool for anyone looking to transfer playlists between music streaming apps without losing their carefully curated collections. Its wide selection of supported services, straightforward process, and additional features make it a reliable choice. Keep in mind that to use Soundiiz, you will need to share your music app credentials.

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